Directed by: Vibes n Stuff

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Let us proudly introduce you to the Arizona trio, Injury Reserve. They first caught our attention with their “Black Sheep” video. But it seems like they’re going in a different direction from the boom bap to the alternative. The first single from their upcoming project, Live From The Dentist Office, was the social media themed video, “Whatever Dude.” This second single is an introduction warning to their town of Phoenix.

Ritchie With a T and Stepa J Groggs address topics like the youth following their parents when it comes to thinking for themselves and fans who flip flop in support as often as politicians. But in the end, they, too, fall in rank with the rest of the locals. No one is perfect. The slow motion video allows the exposure you get to their thoughts to sink in with maximum force. The video ends with some show footage and what possibly is a snippet from another song. Parker Corey’s production creates a similar sensation when watching a Kubrick film where you can’t tell what’s real and what’s fantasy.


But besides all that analysis, Injury Reserve wants you to know that, “Phoenix, Arizona f*cking suuuucks.”

Bryan Hahn ain’t wishy washy. He is pro-eating Reese’s from the outside-in, now and forever. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).