What’s more fun: the drama, or the actual fight?

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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao was a fight for the ages. Or was it? The fight itself was decidedly underwhelming, and criticized by many media entities, not to mention actual boxers (Oscar De La Hoya and Mike Tyson, namely). However, the hoopla surrounding it, not to mention the many paychecks that were cut to Mayweather, Pacuiqao, HBO, Showtime and others. Burger King paid $1 million for that awkward walk-out by their mascot.

Still, who doesn’t love a good storyline? Floyd Mayweather, who just unanimously defeated Pacquiao on Saturday to remain the world’s undisputed welterweight champion, has one fight left on his contract in September, after which he plans to hang it up. However, he might be willing to re-enter the ring for a sequel to Saturday’s bout.


According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Mayweather recently texted him and said that he plans to give Pacquiao another shot at the title next year.


Can you blame him? Any boxer would reconsider retirement for an opportunity to get int he ring and not get hit for about 25 minutes for an $180 million paycheck. There hasn’t been a response from Pacquiao yet, but it could even be more interesting the second time around, considering it won’t just be speculation. They got in the ring once, it’s a lot less far-fetched now to believe that it can’t happen again.