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At a recent show, longtime Lil Wayne affiliate and friend, Game, aggressively defended his homie against Young Thug and the Barter 6 controversy.

In the above video clip, Game can be seen, front and center, ranting into the mic about how he’s never been Hollywood, and that anyone can “get it” when it comes to Tunechi. Later in the rant, he flat out says it.


“I will f*ck Young Thug up!”

The rest of it is a bunch of boasts and threats directed at Young Thug and, honestly, anybody else that has a problem with him or Lil Wayne. Young Thug might want to lay low the next time he goes to Compton. Game is famous for beating a guy’s with one hand while he filmed it with the phone in his other hand. Talk about ambixextrous.

Watch the full (angry) clip above.

UPDATE: Game has responded to Young Thug’s response. (These things are flying back and forth. The power of social media.) Watch his video right here.

UPDATE: Young Thug has responded to Game’s threat with a video clip of his own, in which he accuses Game of set tripping, and being a male stripper. Watch it here.