It’s late on the east coast so that means that you’re pretty open to hearing new kinds of music. If you’re on the west coast, you’re more open minded anyway so keep up. Cities Aviv is a unique artist who produces, raps, sings, and expresses in multiple forms. He may sound lo-fi at first but then you realize that that’s his voice. His latest project is a form of punk mixed with hip-hop, but all in moderation. In other words, you could still bring him home to mom and dad. The Memphis artist went back home to work on this LP and it’s presented with full songs as well as snippets of what could have developed into something more, or maybe not. You can consider them to be creative scraps.

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You can catch him live in Brooklyn on June 2nd alongside Tamaryn at St. Vitus. You can also watch the video for track #12 below.

You can purchase Your Discretion Is Trust on iTunes or Amazon.


Directed by: Rimar Villaseñor

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