The commish has spoken

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Yesterday, some pretty brutal news surrounding Matt Barnes‘ trash talk and one particularly significant Houston Rockets fan surfaced, and it wasn’t pretty. According to several sources, early in the first half of Thursday night’s Game 2 between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers, Matt Barnes, frustrated after fouling James Harden, told Harden’s mother–who allegedly heckled Barnes shortly before–to “suck my d*ck, b*tch.”

The fallout was widespread, but by the time the story hit the internet, it had allegedly already been resolved. TMZ reported yesterday that Harden’s older brother alerted Barnes of the significance of the fan he’d cursed out, and forced the abrasive Clipper forward to apologize.


Still, the NBA undoubtedly caught wind of the explicit nature of Barnes retort, and today has handed down its punishment: $50,000. A small dent in the checking account for a man that made $4 million this season, but still a reminder that the defensive specialist should think before he speaks. Especially if that’s what’ll come out of his mouth.