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Barnes attempts to move past a very embarrassing moment

Last week, outside of the normal headlines surrounding the Rockets and Clippers’ contentious second round series, there was one floating around that was a real head-scratcher. Matt Barnes Tells James Harden’s Mother to “Suck My D*ck, B*tch”. Jeeeeesus Chr…


At the time, Barnes didn’t know he was speaking to Harden’s mother, he was, in his mind, rebutting some front row heckling, but that didn’t help his case. He later apologized according to Harden’s mother herself, and Barnes told his own story of his mother dying of cancer, which added some weight to his apology, but that’s about as brutal as a retort gets, even today.

Before last night’s game–which featured Barnes’ Clippers blowing the Rockets out in L.A.–Matt was asked repeatedly about his comments to Harden’s mother, and he acknowledged the fact that she engaged him first, but swerved on questions asking him to detail what his comments were.