The man acquitted in the shooting death of Travyon Martin has been injured in a Florida shooting

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George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin in February of 2012, and was acquitted of second-degree murder in relation to the incident in 2013. It was lauded as a ludicrous decision, and scores of protests in support of justice occurred nationwide.

Today, Zimmerman has been shot, and though several reports have surfaced claiming the bullet that hit Zimmerman was discharged from a cop’s gun, it is unclear as of right now exactly what happened. All police spokesperson Bianca Gilett was able to reveal was that the incident involved road rage. There were no fatalities, and there is a police briefing scheduled for this afternoon where more details will be revealed.


CNN affiliate WESH Orlando reported from the scene of the shooting that Zimmerman was wounded by a gunshot, and walked into an ambulance on his own accord.