White James is one of the most sought after artists in the Midwest. A Chicago native,  he gained a press buzz in publications ThisIs50.com and VladTV, boasting singles “You Can’t Compare”  “Cho-Cha” and “Alert.”

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After garnering national attention, the newcomer has stayed relevant by putting out consistent and unlike most lyricists from the Windy City who are rhyming about trap tales, he’s going a completely different route.

His newest single, “Serenity,” from his highly anticipated summer album  Foo-Fop takes exemplifies that.


“Serenity” is more of an autobiography of sorts; digging into the contradictory elements of his life from hustling to his regular day to day routine of life outside the trap.

If you really want to know who White James is and why he will undoubtedly make a long standing mark in hip hop, “Serenity” is definitely worth the listen.