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The former Cosby Show sweetheart turned wayward loudmouth has struck again

Raven-Symone could do no wrong at one point. The excessively adorable star of The Cosby Show has since found success at every stage in her life, from her music career to her record-setting Disney show That’s So Raven, but since her entrance into the social and political commentary world of mainstream television, her image has suffered.


First, there was her interview with Oprah’s Where Are They Now?, wen Symone told Oprah–with a straight face, no less–that she was “tired of being labeled,” and “I’m American, not African-American.” Her comments drew relentless backlash, and the ire of many public figures, but she didn’t stop there. The NAACP Image Award winner went on to say, in an interview with E!, that a DNA test from revealed that she was from “every continent in Africa except for one,” and “every continent in Europe except for one.”

Yesterday, Raven increased the depth of the hole she’s spend the past year digging for herself with probably the most controversial tidbit of them all: refuting the widely supported consensus that Harriet Tubman, a legendary abolitionist known best for her role in freeing over 300 enslaved African people from captivity in the early 1800s, should replace Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States, on the $20 bill.

In the clip, which you can watch above (Raven’s rant begins at roughly the 9:15 mark), Raven says “we need to move a little bit more forward,” and begins to list several other women she feels are more deserving, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and more. According to Symone, Tubman isn’t close enough to “the progression that we’re doing now.”