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Thug and his wife-to-be have a chat with DJ Vlad about their love life

Young Thug is one of the hottest rap stars on the planet, and one Ms. Jerrika Karlae is ready to join forces with him. Young Thug’s Instagram proposal to his girlfriend, rumored to have been involved with New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith at some point last year, was the subject of much discussion, but Karlae was absolutely swept off her feet by the gesture.


In an interview with VladTV, Thug sat down with the soon-to-be Mrs. Thug–really, Mrs. Williams–and had a pretty in-depth conversation on what it’s like to be with the “Constantly Hating” rapper, and gave a brief rundown on how he won her heart over, even though when they met she was in a relationship with someone else.

Thug’s version of that story is pretty simple. They met in Gucci Mane‘s studio, and saw each other again in Miami, where he teased she was with “that little ballplayer,” and mocked the muscular nature of the ballplayer and his friends. Rumor has it, “that little ballplayer” was Geno Smith, and while there is no substantiated report indicating that is in fact true, several sources cite the fact that as recently as 2015, Karlae was allegedly involved with the Roc Nation Sports QB.

You can watch the full interview above.