A huge collection of artwork that showcases the spirit and energy of Harlem

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The Flux Art Fair, Harlem’s first contemporary art fair, is now open. Founded by Leanne Stella, this gallery features pieces that were hand selected by guest curators that feature and showcase Harlem’s vibrancy and individuality.  The gallery is set up at the Corn Exchange Building in East Harlem and features two stories of artwork from local and international artists who embody the spirit of Harlem.  What was unique about this gallery is that each piece was selected by guest curators meaning that there was a diverse selection of art on display.  The pieces displayed included paintings with a very solid black and gray palate to heavy handed vibrant colors to very intricate 3D sculptures.


One highlight was “Captain America Revisited” by Margaret Roleke which was fleece fabric with a picture of the Marvel superhero Captain America but also had brass casings and bullets nailed to the fabric making the picture come to life.  Another piece that really stood out was “If You Look Closely” by Jamea Richmond Edwards.  This piece was made out of ink, chalk, pastel, and a mixed media collage on a board and was selling for $10,000.  But what was different about this piece was that the whole picture consisted of two separate boards that come together to form the whole picture.  Also, there was an interesting level of depth to the piece artistically where the figure was made to be in the background and was created using the ink and chalk and the dress that the figure was wearing was made out of pastel colors and is directly in the foreground. Similarly, the contrast in colors only added to the depth that the artist was trying to achieve.

One final piece worth mentioning is the piece entitled “Fall of the Rebel Angels” by Ivan Forde which was selling for $1,800.  This piece was just screen print on paper but what was interesting about this piece was the message that the artist was trying to portray using this medium.  The painting had a very gray cloud in the sky and falling from it were eyes and ears almost saying that if you see and hear things that are considered to be blasphemous and you will fall from the graces. It was a commentary on the current social struggles going on in our society.  With that being said, each piece showcased in this gallery had its own individuality and the only way to fully understand what this gallery has to offer is to see the art pieces in person.  The Flux Art Fair will be open from May 14-17 and general admission is $20.


-Vinesh Vora

Photo credit: Peter Cooper

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