A 25-year old man in  Zimbabwe is being called the “Vampire Killer” after being accused of doing one of the most unusual thing anyone can do to mankind.

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According to the NY Daily News, Alois Nduna, confessed to raping, killing and drinking the blood of 13 women in the country. Nduna claims that he is a satanist and was told by his church that if he drinks the blood of his victims, it would make him stronger.

Nduna was arrested in a nightclub last week and will remain in custody until his court date on May 26th. According to The Chronicle, Nduna explained how he murdered one of his victims, Beauty Hove, 26.


“I grabbed Hove and bit her on the neck after which I started sucking her blood until she lost consciousness,” Nduna continued. “She fell down and that’s when I stopped sucking her blood.”

Police are investigating other murders in the country that Nduna could be connected to.

-Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

photo credit: NY Daily News

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