Stars Mushiya Tshikuka and Maja Sly hope to inspire women to succeed, personally and professionally

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Atlanta has become the backdrop of hit reality TV shows. This coming Thursday, WE TV is introducing a set of beautiful working women climbing the ladder of success through their own efforts. Mushiya, Maja, Beautii, La Kenya and Dedra star in “Cutting It: In the ATL”. The show follows the headstrong stylists as they compete to bring in the most business and dominate the Atlanta hair game.
“We’re not just housewives,” begins Congolese natural hair stylist Mushiya Tshikuka the owner of The damn salon. That’s what makes us different. We’re smart business women making a living and providing opportunities for others.”
Maja Sly, who seized the Atlanta market with her $50 Walk in Weave shop, agrees. Maja changed the extension game in Atlanta with her affordable price point. In the first episode, Maja’s pricing is the center of debate amongst other stylists who think she is depreciating the hair market. Nevertheless her businesses nearly grossed 1.3million dollars last year and Maja wants to continue to elevate her empire with the help of other stylists.
 “I became very focused after going through a painful divorce and I set my mind to becoming successful. I hope women will learn to not give up from my journey.  Challenges exist for us to overcome and grow,” said Maja.
Mushiya hopes to revolutionize the hair industry with natural hair. “I want to revert women to loving themselves as they are. There’s nothing wrong with our hair textures as black women. We’ve been so conditioned to believe in an ideal that doesn’t accept us as beautiful without compromise so my goal is to make women love themselves and their blackness without apologies. I’m excited that people will be able to see someone like me, with my beautiful dark skin and natural hair embracing all I am. Through “Cuttin It in the ATL” I hope to break barriers and inspire women to let go of all the criticism that has been dumped on them so they can see all the beauty that the truly possess as black women.  
Cuttin’ It: In The ATl premieres this Thursday May 21st at 10/9 Eastern time. Take a sneak peek here:

-Abesi Manyando(@abesipr)