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In 2013, a top was popped off a lid that had been sealed tight for a long time, but how many years, we are not even sure. Edward Snowden had to leave the country after he revealed to the American people what he knew about NSA and it was that serious. What we found out from Ed was that the National Security Agency had an on going spy operation, infiltrating every single American citizen without them knowing a thing.

How they did this was by taping into personal phone lines and emails. Nothing seems to be safe anymore, which puts the law makers in the US in a prime position to say we are doing this for your safety.


On Wednesday, the House passed a bill named the USA Freedom Act that would put a stop to a very controversial agency that was compiled together just to collect data from millions of Americans right from under our noses. The National Security Agency stores info on your personal phone calls, emails and text messages, so watch what your fingers spell out before you hit ‘Send’. An overwhelming part of the the Congress felt that this is wrong and voted in favor of the bill with a vote of 338 to 88. The bill goes on to the next phase, which brings the debate to the Senate.

May 31 leaves Congress 12 days to act and if they don’t, vital parts of the Patriot Act will expire, such as the provision the government uses to justify why they keep track of phone records.

With a rare trio of backers, made up of Republicans, Democrats and backing from the White House, it looks like the USA Freedom Act has a good chance of making some real change to a very intrusive law.  For most of 2013 and 2014 Congress bickered whether to put new restrictions on the NSA, it seems now hopefully the correct changes can be put into place to give us Americans a little bit of our freedom back.

Watch the video above to get a full understanding of what I’m talking about.