Its looking like 2015 isn’t Iggy Azalea‘s year at all.  She may have won the Billboard award this past Sunday for “Best Rap Song” but music fans aren’t happy about it. Apparently Billboard didn’t follow its own guidelines when it decided to give Iggy the award, and it has music fans upset.  So upset they decided to post petition on to ask Billboard to retract her award. Here is the statement straight from the petition

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Retract Iggy Azalea‘s Ineligible Award for “Fancy”

Iggy Azalea’s 2015 Billboard Award for Best Song has been proven invalid. The eligibility time period for nominations is March 10th, 2014 through March 2015. “Fancy” was released on February 17th, 2014, nearly a month before the eligibility starting. This is unfair to the other nominees in these category, especially to “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj, who most likely would’ve won. Billboard did not follow their own guidelines and should have to recalculate these nominations without “Fancy” as a nominee.

The petition has over 12,000 thousand signatures, and needs less than 3,000 to reach its goal of 15,000 signatures. To see the petition click here


Iggy Azalea performing live at The Music Hall

This isn’t the only petition on the website concerning Iggy either, another petition titled “Get Iggy to stop rapping” is comical. This petition doesn’t have nearly the same support as the Billboard petition, and only 31 signatures but here is the description:

Iggy‘s music has killed the young ears of many humans. Her alien music should be outlawed worldwide from the explosions of garbage. I once downloaded an Iggy Azalea mixtape, and my computer started to smell. I checked what was wrong, and there was shit coming out of my computer. The mixtape was so sh** that my album shi**ed itself. My computer told me to never do that again, but we cool now. Anywho, this “first thing first I’m garbage” bitch ass ni**a is annoying asf.

Lets get her to quit.

-Victoria B. (@unabashedlytori)