MixRadio launched on IOS and Android platforms on Tuesday. 

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To celebrate the occasion, Charli XCXNile Rodgers and the Martinez Brothers participated in a panel discussion for music enthusiasts about the significance of the MixRadio launch and how MixRadio makes listening to music simple and personalized for their users. Charli XCX and Nile Rodgers surprised the audience and collaborated on a live performance of “Boom Clap.”


Read our exclusive interview with Charli below:

Big congrats on your Billboard Award win Sunday for Top Rap Song for “Fancy” with Iggy Azalea. Can you reflect on that moment?

Yeah,  I was surprised to be honest because that song has been up for so many awards and we’ve never won one, so it was really nice.  It was very nostalgic to win there because that’s actually the first place a year ago where me and Iggy performed “Fancy,” so it was nice.  I am really happy for her and I am really happy for myself, too!

You also collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign and Tinashe on “Drop That Kitty.”  Can you speak about working with them and on the video?

It was cool, you know.  I think that Ty is super underrated, he’s incredibly talented.  He is a really incredibly talented writer and I think that he is going to explode any minute.  And Tinashe the same thing.  She is really incredible.  It was really cool performing with them at the MTV Awards because I got to watch Tinashe dance and she is so f—ing incredible.  So yeah, it’s cool.  I had fun working with those guys and hopefully it is not quite the end of that song just yet … I just feel like it deserves to be bigger than it is because I think they’re both two really talented artists.

You also have an upcoming tour with Jack Antonoff.  Can you tell us what fans can expect from your tour and why you wanted to tour with Jack?

Me and Jack get on really well and I like touring with friends and Jack is definitely someone that I really like.  He told me he gets pedicures every week when he is on tour too so I am really excited about going for double pedicures together. It is going to be cool; the tour is going to be great.  It will be the final tour I do of “Sucker” in the U.S.  The tour is split into two sections.  There is this leg that is coming up and then there will be one in September/ October time.  And it is going to be cool.  It’s like brother and sister on the road—it’ll be fun.

And you also had the opportunity to tour with Katy Perry in Europe.  Can you speak about what that experience was like?

It was great.  That was definitely the most pop tour I have ever been on.  There was so much production and outfits and magic everywhere.  And it was cool. I really have a lot of respect for Katy. I think that tour, when we were touring with her, she was on 120 shows.  And that’s incredible because I had a breakdown about a month ago because I was so exhausted and terrified of being on the road and the fact that she has done 120 shows, I was just like like ‘Damn, Respect.’

And you also collaborated with with Rita Ora on “Doing It.”  Speak about collaborating with Rita and doing that song together.

I love Rita.  She is just such a talent.  We just had fun.  I like Rita because she has no airs or graces.  She is just cool, she is just a genuinely cool girl and I like her a lot and I am really happy she got to do that song with me because I think she made the song better and she is really talented and I am happy we got to work together.

And I also thought that the concept for the “Famous” video was pretty hilarious.  Can you speak a little bit about your vision for it?

You know, I had no f—ing idea what I wanted to do for that video because I have such a love hate relationship with that song and when people ask me what it’s about I want to bang their brain into a brick wall because it’s so f—ing obvious.  And I just didn’t want to have to talk about the song anymore so I just wanted to do a really twisted, f—ed up video.  And I always wanted to work with Eric Wareheim.  I am such a fan of him as a director and comedian and I just knew that he would have the perfect take on how to be super b-tchy and sarcastic with this video.  And also address a totally hilarious subject at the same time, you know, the fact that people are f—ing crazy on the internet basically. And it was fun; I got to dress up and look like a crazy b-tch, and that was fun, I really enjoyed the video.  And he directed the whole thing over Skype, it was great.  It was the weirdest shoot.  I loved it. It was cool.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?  

Britney Spears has always been on my list, so I am very very jealous of Iggy that she is working with Brit right now. So, who knows, maybe in the future, I would love to write with her, that would be cool.