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What’s metal doing here? Let us show you

Enter Flint, Michigan natives, King810, a heavy metal band with such an obsessive Hip-Hop mentality that they’ve slowed the tempo of their new single, “Revenge,” to mimic a rap bass line. We’ve seen rappers collaborate with everyone from R&B singers to pop artists, blues singers to country artists, but how often do you get a metal band that, well, gets it? You prayers–that is, if you called to the heavens for a metal band with rap features and DJ Drama drops–have been answered.


Revenge carries the common scary and aggressive aura of a metal record, but, as we mentioned before, very much follows a Hip-Hop tempo. Not to mention Detroit native and self-proclaimed gatekeeper, Trick Trick, joins the Michigan upstarts on their quest to break the Hip-Hop/metal game wide open. Not only that, inside the dense drum kicks and complicated guitar riffs are what we’re going to call metal raps–song lyrics articulated in the cadence of a rapper, but delivered as if the boys of King810 were in their garage banging out the wickedest sequence yet.

Digging this? Get ready for Midwest Monsters 2, which is coming soon, hosted by DJ Drama, and features the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Zuse, Flint, MI’s Game Spittaz, and more.