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Here’s a clip that’ll surely blow your mind

When Kanye West‘s latest single, “All Day,”was teased months ago, it sounded very much like what the initial product was. A grimy, up-tempo rap banger, more Yeezus than Dark Fantasy. Allan Kingdom and Theophilus London joined Yeezy on the record, and it was touted as the much needed contrast to the two previous song West had released, “Only One” and “Four-Five Seconds,” both of which featured Paul McCartney (“Four-Five” also featured Rihanna).


However, when the official version of “All Day” was released, there was an ah-ha moment. It did in fact feature Paul McCartney, who closed out the track with a now infamous acoustic melody, accompanied by a corresponding whistle.

Now, for the cool part.

It turns out, McCartney didn’t just drum up that whistle melody as he sat in the studio with Kanye. He’d whistled it before–15 years ago on a talk show, Parkinson, in which he described his attempt to create a song using just two chords, drawing inspiration from a Picasso piece he’d seen. That clip is above.

As it turns out, McCartney did also use it on wax. An unreleased McCartney record, “When The Wind Blows,” features the same melody, and that record was made in the 1970’s, but never officially released.

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