Vivica A. Fox, Robert Ri’chard, Darrin Dewitt Henson and Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire attended a special screening of “Chocolate City” at AMC Empire 25. 

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Angela Yee hosted the event and the movie, which hits theaters this weekend, did not disappoint.


Robert Ri’chard

Q: Can you tell us about your role?

I play Michael in the film, the lead character. It’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary experience trying to look out for moms and willing to do anything. This leads me to a bartending job that’s not actually a bartending job.

Q: How was it working with the director?

The director and I were very very passionate. We were really a strong team, it felt like Shaq and Kobe. Sometimes we butt heads but that made us win … we have this film and we are talking about doing a next one; and I just have to thank God for this opportunity.

Q: Can you describe the film in three words?

Everyone loves chocolate!

Q: How did you get in to shape for this film?

I worked out about ten times a day. I did … a low intensity workout but it makes your abs look amazing!

Vivica A. Fox

Q: Can you tell us about your role?

I play the mom to Michael, Catherine. We’ve fallen on hard times and Michael has decided to help out his mom and discovers the wonderful world of stripping. My character is very church and family oriented. She is raising two boys on her own so she feels as if her son is being pulled away from her. So she’s talking to the reverend “what’s going on with my son? He’s bringing home 300 too 500 dollars cash a night”. But what I love about “Chocolate City” besides its telling of a story that a young man makes for his mother, it will help us understand the stripping world. That not all of these people [though] you may think it’s nasty, a lot of them are working their way through college. A lot of them are looking to help their families and make ends meet. So besides that, the boys are putting it down and we ask you guys to enjoy.

Q: Can you describe the film in three words?

Sexy, fun and unforgettable!

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