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Kevin Durant may be enjoying the off-season a little more than others

Kevin Durant, one of the best players on the planet, has been sidelined for most of the past year with a foot injury, but he’s taken it in stride. He’s been extremely supportive of his teammates, and even when the Thunder fired Scott Brooks, the coach that’s practically raised Durant over the past 7 seasons, Durant continued to be engaged, and even attended new head coach Billy Donovan‘s introductory press conference.


Last night, Durant was out partying in Los Angeles, and upon leaving the club, summoned his car to pick him up. Before entering, something in a prescription bottle fell out, and while its contents weren’t absolutely conclusive, a paparazzo shouted out “uh oh, dropping the weed,” while Durant’s friend quickly motioned to pick up the bottle.

Hey, KD, no judgement. It’s Los Angeles for crying out loud. Feel better.