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I still say The Lox run circles around your favorite rappers.

Not that it’s a must for them to prove jack, but they incontestably do flex their skills on the 9th installment of The Rapfest’s cipher series.


Sheek sets it off effectively.  He’s known to lace a hard beat smoothly, cleverly and of course, on some street relative sh*t.  Second, is the ghost, Styles P.  Man you know if you hit SP with some hard drums, it will never be laborious for him to go in.  A true seasoned veteran who refuses to fall off.  Last, but most definitely not least, Jadakiss swerves and serves on this beat.  The distinct voice always causes anticipation and Kiss comes through… Bars on Delivery….

Clearly The Lox has solidified their position in hip-hop.  Many become washed after a while, but these cats?  Nah Never.  Respect to The Rapfest for showcasing the up-and-coming along with many of the greats.  This is indeed a series to stay on top of.

Peep the visuals above by Chris Zino, of Exhibition Z Films

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