This week we see that even the “smartest” people in sports still find ways to do the dumbest things time and time again. When it seems apparent to do one thing, some organizations believe in the opposite. This alone with the basic high, lows, and jaw dropping moments gave an interesting week in sports. Here are the things we learn from sports this week.

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7. Breaking up the band

It seems like if you win a whole bunch of games, bring in young talent, and develop into a contender, then management will look to fire you in a couple of season. Tom Thibodeau has fallen into the section of “uncooperative with management” and will likely lose his job after losing to the Cleveland Cavilers in 6 games. Thibodeau not only  had to deal with superstar Derrick Rose injuries for the past 3 seasons, but the growing divide between himself and his bosses. Former Bulls player and current TV analysis Stacey King has had a clear view of coach Thibodeau for the past few seasons. He was on Sirius XM NBA Radio show on Monday explaining the beef.


“The management is concerned about players. They pay a lot of money for these players. They got guys coming off injuries that they wanted to see brought back slower. They didn’t want to see Derrick Rose, who has missed three postseasons and recovering from meniscus surgery, playing 45 minutes right out of the box. They put him on a minute restriction.”

Seems like divorce is just around the corner, but just like Mark Jackson, Lionel Hollins, and Monty Williams, some coach will be able to profit from the talent that Thibodeau help create.