And by “things” we mean “the Based God curse”

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It began with Kevin Durant. Lil B and the former NBA MVP got into a war of words on Twitter, and Lil B hexed the Univ. of Texas alum, claiming he will never win an NBA Championship until he apologizes. Since then (2011), Kevin Durant has lost in the NBA Finals, been eliminated by the Grizzlies and Spurs in consecutive years, and this year missed the playoffs entirely, largely due to the fact that he missed most of the season with a foot injury. Sure, that can all be accredited to tangible issues within the Thunder organization.

Or, the Lil B curse is very much alive.


This year, James Harden, the NBA MVP runner-up, and ridiculously talented franchise player of the Houston Rockets, has adopted a new celebration, where he rotates his left hand–as if he’s beating eggs–over his right palm, a dance known widely as the “cooking dance” Lil B created years ago during his meteoric rise on the internet. Unfortunately, Lil B didn’t take too kindly to not being credited by the former 6th Man of the Year. He’s tweeted about Harden consistently over the past week, warning him that if he doesn’t apologize for “stealing” his dance, the curse will be placed.

Needless to say, Harden has yet to apologize. His 45-point Game 4 performance indicates that he may have steered clear of the curse, so Lil B is going to do Harden one better: show up to Game 5.


Outside of the obvious storyline–every game from here on out is win or go home for the Rockets–Lil B will personally be in the building, enforcing his curse on Harden. Just imagine the camera panning to Lil B every time Harden misses a shot. This’ll be a blast.