We all remember the film where Michael J. Fox was accidentally sent into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean. Well this time around, Minneapolis native, Vision The Kid, was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to return to a time where he believed Hip Hop was at its purest; the 90s, or how he proclaims, the Golden Era. “This is my homage to the Hip Hop I grew up with, the Hip Hop that made me love Hip Hop. Salute to all the 90s heads.” says Vision.

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This mixtape, Golden Era, which was released by Be Easy Music, feels like a template for a pure kind of music, an extremely promising and occasionally brilliant collection that served as a declaration of his want to display such vintage talent. Even by the standards he had set, Golden Era, is a startling realization of that potential and enriches his unique palette as he raps over classic 90s beats which were mixed together by Noam the Drummer. Providing content that’s more consistent, more rewarding on repeat listens, Vision the Kid’s Golden Era is ridiculously packed with detail without ever losing sight of its listener.

Take a listen for yourself: