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If Thug thought he had lawsuits on his hands before…

In a recent interview with No Days Off Radio, Young Thug and his fiancee, Jerrika, touched on a myriad of topics, including the soon-to-be Mrs. Jeffrey Williams’ forthcoming cosmetic line, and Thug’s unique fashion style, which happened to be on display during the interview. He was sporting a snug-fitting “Hooters” tank-top.


Things get pretty interesting around the 5:55 mark, when the interviewer asks Thug about the projects he has on the horizon. One of them we already know–Thug’s label, 300, announced that his proper debut album, Hy!£UN35, will impact on August 28–but apparently, Thug will be dropping one more mixtape before he drops his debut. As far as the title?

I’ll probably name it Carter V ’cause the original Carter V ain’t came out yet. I don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing. Slow-poking.

Talk about a guy unwilling to back down from confrontation. Naming his first official commercial release Barter 6 was already seen as taboo, but directly taking the name of the very album Lil Wayne has been trying to release for over a year? One could start a bonfire from the friction that’ll create.