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Chicago is turning into a war zone, over the last two weekends a total of 83 people have been wounded and 13 people have been killed due to gun violence.  A drastic plan needs to be put in place to gain control over the shootings and gang violence.


Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, the police department and the government of Chicago are discussing implementing laws that would charge the 5% percent of the gang bangers who are the ones responsible for most of the violence on the streets of Chi-Town with domestic terrorism.

“The reality of it is though, that these dedicated group of individuals, some Black, some Hispanic, are destabilizing our community and we must put an end to it or else this violence will put an end to us.”

says Commissioner Boykin about the gang bangers.  Boykin also says, “They’re terrorists trying to destabilize communities and we ought to charge them with domestic terrorism.”

Next month Boykin is going to assemble a city-county summit, to get everyone in one room and come up with a plan of action to stop this gang violence.  Critics are very skeptical, they say summits are just a bunch of jaw flapping, not much usually gets accomplished.  We can only hope this one will be different and turn out some positive results and a great action plan to stop the violence.