A London stylist says guys only want her because she looks like Rihanna

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25-year old Bianca Guthrie is in a bit of a pickle. According to her interview with Daily Mail UK, she can’t find love because she looks too much like Rihanna, and guys only get involved with her because of that likeness. Before we go any further, here are a couple pictures of Ms. Guthrie. You can draw your own conclusions.

fake rih fake rih 2


According to Guthrie, she has been mobbed by over 1,000 people in London that mistake her for the “B*tch Better Have My Money” singer.

When I was 14, people at my school told me I was her double. One time in London a group of tourists ran across a busy street shouting “Oh my gosh it’s Rihanna!”

Kids say the darndest things. In any case, looking like Rihanna is apparently not Bianca’s only celebrity-related problem. She went blond recently in an effort to rid her life of the comparisons, and she ended up looking like another sought after female singer.

Then I went blonde and was told I looked like Rita Ora – I couldn’t win.

Just horrible. If you can’t stand Rihanna in all of her tall, graceful glow, find a way to get in contact with Bianca Guthrie. She’s been waiting for you.

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