Check out some of this week’s best sport’s videos

Still in the swing of playoff basketball, this week was filled with nothing but amazing plays and of course everybody’s favorite toddler, Riley Curry. Check out this week’s top plays.

4. James Harden Goes off for 45 points

Despite catching an L and setting an NBA playoff record in turnovers (blame Lil’ B), James Harden had one really impressive game in the NBA Playoffs. Notching 45 points and an impressive win over the Warriors (their only win), James Harden shined bright. Check it out below

3. Harrison Barnes Throws Down a Crazy Dunk 

Adding to his 24 points was a very impactful dunk done by Harrison Barnes. As the exclamation point to a win, the Warriors moved on to the finals behind the impressive play of Harrison Barnes. Check it out below. 

2. LeBron James Does Air-Defying Dunk

It’s no question LeBron James can dunk, it’s just a matter of how and what dunk he’s going to do next. Showing a flash of how great he would be in an official NBA Dunk Contest, LeBron took off a foot in front of the foul line for an earth shattering dunk. Check it out below

1. Riley Curry Is The Real MVP

Not exactly the most “sports-worthy” video of the week, but certainly the one sports-related video EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH. Showing off her star presence, the adorable Riley Curry joined her father on the podium after the Warriors Western Conference win and muttered the most adorable line. Giving props to Big Sean, she said the ever-so-popular “Way up, I feel blessed” line from his single “Blessings”. Check out the video below

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