Psycho, I’m liable to go Michael, take your pick/Jackson, Tyson, Jordan, Game 6-Jay-Z

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This week in sports has been true eye opener in more ways than one. Fans worldwide were able to witness the opportunity of a curse that may finally go down the drain. Meanwhile, a superstar may have became a victim of the “Space Jam/Monstar” curse as he wasn’t able to perform in true all star form when the bright lights came on. The Source Sports own Omari White was able to witness some of the best moments sports could offer and fans boy oh boy it was moments you just had to sit there to watch, marinate and just scream WHOOOOOO! in your Ric Flair voice.




Game 3&4 Of The Eastern Conference Finals (Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks)

As expected the Cavs were able to prove to the basketball world in my prediction that this year is going to be their year that they raise the Larry O’Brien Trophy as NBA champions. Granted, the Hawks were hurt throughout this scrappy/ physical series, Cleveland were able to have their way with them once tip off began. LeBron James was able to remind fans that despite Steph Curry named this year’s league MVP, James is still king amongst kings around the postseason time when it really counts. After a slow 0-for-11 start in Game 3, Bron Bron showed why Hov vouched for the Akron great in the Blow The Whistle freestyle when he said “I don’t know what y’all on/This is chess – know the difference ‘tween the king and the pawn. James was able to finish with  37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists in their 114-111 win in Game 3 that helped them set up the complete dominance they put on during their 30 point butt whooping performance they handed out in Game 4. Bron Bron was able to make history by becoming the 1st player in NBA history to make it to 5 straight NBA Finals appearance with 2 different NBA teams. But fans we got to take a page out of the good book according to Yeezus by keeping it 300 like the Romans. LeBron obviously couldn’t do it without the help of the Australian guard Matthew Dellavedova, forward Timothy Mozgov and every Knick fan’s favorite pair they regret letting go in J.R. Smith & Iman Shumpert. Delladova was outstanding in replacing Kyrie due to injury. Hitting clutch three after three, and frustrating all star Jeff Teague on defense, Matt had a nice coming out party to introduce himself to the world as a prolific back up guard. But JR and Iman was just clicking from three point land. The shooting maniac known as JR Swish set a franchise Cavs record for the most threes made which goes to show you that raw talent is always going to be on deck on a nightly basis. Smith was able to get into a rare groove that Knick fans furiously pondering…”Why now!?”, “Why he couldn’t perform like this with us?”. But shout out to the Knicks management for displaying such poise by letting go talent who once was your NBA 6th Man Of The Year and NBA All-Rookie 1st team member. You sure know how to get rid of them. Such Boneheads! The meme below explains it all. Be careful how you cherish talent folks!