NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors

 Game 4&5 Of The Western Conference Finals (Golden State Warriors Vs. Houston Rockets)

A new era in dominance has begun in the Western Conference. To be honest, it’s about time the torch is finally passed and it’s looking like it’s going to be a fun time watching….a master at work. Newly crowned NBA MVP Stephen Curry was able to display an array of lights out shooting, poise and Grade-A toughness. Chef Curry gave fans a major scare during game 4 as he took a nasty fall thanks to Trevor Ariza‘s pump fake. I’ll be a liar if I wasn’t one of the fans who was concerned for Curry as I wasn’t ready to see him go down like that after a amazing season he had. But by the time he returned, it was too little too late as James Harden just went bananas by dropping 45 points who extend the series to game 5 in San Francisco. But little did everyone knew that there was one person who changed the momentum of the series forever. In fact, their appearance during Game 5 had the media going nuts. If you wonder if it’s the cute and adorable Riley Curry, you’re wrong. The person I’m referring to is no other than Lil B The Based God. After coming out and saying he plans to curse Harden because he feels that James didn’t give him the proper G pass to do his famous cooking dance, Lil B took it upon himself to show up at Game 5 and what a major difference it was. Talk about a complete 360, Harden went from “FEAR THE BEARD” to “Fear Another Turnover” in a matter of 48 hours after his 45 point performance. James looked like Kyle Watson stinking it up at Rucker Park in the beginning of his championship game against Birdie’s Bombers squad in the classic hoop film Above The Rim. The MVP runner up just stunk it up, setting a new NBA Playoff record by committing 13 turnovers in their 14 point series clinching lost. Harrison Barnes was the man of the hour as he was able to score the Warriors last 9 points during the closing minutes of the 4th quarter once Klay Thompson got Booker T scissored kicked by Trevor Ariza. Advancing to their 1st NBA Finals in 4 decades, the Warriors have some work to plan out as they will be playing host to Cleveland June 4th during Game 1. In what many consider to be a entertaining finals, I’m interested to see how Kyrie Irving will bounce back in facing off against the reigning MVP. In addition, the real question is will Klay be fine by the time Game 1 rolls around? Only time will tell as we congratulate the swaggy, entertaining Warriors on becoming kings of the wild wild west. Big ups to Riley as she was able to steal the show by showing that at 2, she got a dope hip hop swag to match her cute, jolly personality. Let’s pray for Harden that the curse will finally be reversed once the beginning of the 2015-2016 NBA season starts. WAAYYYY UP, HARDEN BE BLESSED!