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Fellas aren’t the only ones drooling over Jennifer Lopez’s curves, women too envy her seemingly effortless perfect body. But “Jenny from da’ Block” isn’t being stingy with her daily diet and health routines, letting the cat out of the bag during an interview with People. The 45-year-old stunner shared that the most important key to healthy living is portion control.

Lopez also launched the #BeTheGirl fitness challenge by her new lifestyle brand, BodyLab, to help women live a healthy and happy life. Participants can enroll in the free, 10-week program with Lopez as their mentor. Enrollees will receive easy recipes, personalized fitness plans and nutritional advice. It’s easier said than done, but if our bodies will look anything like the Bronx’s native, where do we sign up?


The American Idol’s judge also revealed her daily diet:

BodyLab TastyShake Berry Berry Good smoothie
1 scoop of BodyLab TastyShake
3/4 cup strawberries
1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 cup raspberries
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tbsp. honey
1/4 tsp. fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup ice cubes

Kale salad with queso
1 bunch of kale, large stems removed and leaves finely chopped
2 tbsp. toasted pumpkin seeds
2/3 oz. crumbled queso
2/3 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
1/3 of a large shallot, minced, sea salt to taste

A medium-size apple

1 boneless, skinless grilled chicken breast with:
1/2 cup sautéed brussels sprouts
1/2 cup baked yams with sea salt

Chocolate chip cookie

Total Calories

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