Jon Jones’ now infamous car wreck has some video.

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In April of this year, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones was involved in a hit-and-run in Albuquerque, NM when he allegedly ran a red light crashing into two vehicles, one of which was carrying a pregnant woman. According to the reports, Jones immediately fled the scene but returned to the rented vehicle to grab a wad of cash before fleeing on foot once again. He was then taken into custody and levied with several charges. UFC President Dana White later stripped him of his championship belt while also suspending him indefinitely.

Today, the audio 911 call as well as footage of the aftermath has surfaced onto the web. The witness described the chain of events to the 911 Albuquerque Police Department dispatch.


Caller: The guy just hopped off into a yard. The guy that’s getting out of the SUV, he took off running … he’s running over fences. He’s jumping over fences.

Caller: But he took off running.

911 Dispatch: Which way did he go, what direction?

Caller: He’s going onto a gated community, north of Juan Tabo, in the Terra …

After briefly interviewing one of the drivers hit in the crash, the video cuts the body cam of the two officers searching through the rented vehicle. In it they recovered cash, condoms, MMA clothing and drug testing control forms. The name on the document read Jonathan Jones, and this is when the two officers began to ponder whether or not it was in fact the UFC Star.

Cop 1: Dude I wonder if this is that fighter’s car? Jon Jones?

Cop 2: I wouldn’t doubt it bro. They said he was really tall.

Cop 1: They did?

Upon confirming the identity, one of the officers blurted out, “Well, he’s f**ked.” This does not bode well for Jones who is no stranger to trouble outside of the octagon. He was previously arrested in 2012 on DUI charges and in late 2014 he tested positive for benzoylecgonine, an active ingredient in cocaine.

Hopefully Jonny can start making some better decisions and get his career and life back on the right track.Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)