It’s safe to say that Chicago’s murder rate inspire it’s murder rap scene, but there’s more to Chicago than that, as Jelani Lateef is proving with his Manhood Entertainment brand that represents men stepping to the plate and handling their responsibility. Jelani definitely can relate to stepping up and handling his as he did when the mother of his died of cancer and left him single parent. And with his latest release Cold Days and Dark Nights, the album has almost a magnetic allure. His throwback vibe are acclaimed for his thought-provoking lyrics and witty wordplay.

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Not influenced or discouraged by his surroundings, Jelani has a voice that’s definitely meant for the largest of stages. Throughout the album he lays out a soul-bearing confession that leaves one breathless, leaving listeners spellbound and longing for more then breathing life back into them with a simple turn of a phrase. Powerful yet limber, Jelani has the ability to dominate an entire album with nothing but his voice. He’s known for doing it, and now he’s done it again on his full-length album.

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