Finally, Consequence and Lupe Fiasco have blessed us by putting out a track together on their first collaboration, “Countdown”.

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We’ve been waiting on this track for way too long. They were even doing a short video clip that was going around for the countdown to “Countdown”.

Aside from Consequence and Lupe Fiasco, we have Chris Turner adding a bit to here with a beat that was worked on by Cons and Mike Cash. It really is just an amazing track all around.


In a recent interview with BET, Cons told us once he heard the track he knew he had to work with Lupe Fiasco on this one, saying:

“I was in LA working with Ye and G.O.O.D Music,” he recalled. “Lupe lives in LA now. We met up and I laid the idea, like, ‘This would be dope if you was on this with me.” The process of making this record was like two months. I put a verse down and I wanted a great chorus, because obviously when you hear Consequence and Lupe Fiasco, automatically you think lyrics: It’s going to be a lyric bonanza. But for a record of that nature to make sense, it’s gotta have a dope chorus, otherwise it could turn into a freestyle…It’s classic Cons and Food & Liquor Lupe.”

Check it out and let us know what you think!