There’s been a lot of hyperbole concerning “the death of rap music” and Hip Hop artists “saving the music” of late, and while most of the talk borders on nonsense, wouldn’t it be great if an act such as Nick de la Hoyde could revitalize this polarizing genre? In truth, the Australian rapper is far from being the super-heroe that will save the day, but one could argue that his style of music takes in such a broad cross-section of sub-genres, that it should theoretically attract a large audience.

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And with Nick de la Hoyde’s upcoming EP Passion, which is scheduled to be released June 30th, he expects to do exactly that, drawn in a larger audience in addition to his growing social media presence. The EP’s lead single By My Side won’t save rap music but it is definitely making de la Hoyde’s a force to be noticed overseas and in the States. Some this can be attributed to him showcasing his song-writing growth and meticulous attention to detail. It’s predominantly these latter qualities which make de la Hoyde someone to root for in his continued search for that difficult balance of accessibility and technicality. His steady growth is noted on Passion, as he recorded an immersive album that is not only satisfying in the moment, but also reveals further layers and textures upon listening.

The EP is set to drop June 30th but you can stream it privately on Soundcloud.