Hardball, the latest from Missouri-based Hip Hop artist Reid the Martian, is both deceptive and rewarding, and most likely on purpose. Reid the Martian can easily be described as channeling Eminem and Chance The Rapper through rose colored glasses as his music accentuates anthemic and thought provoking lyrics. It’s like a series of second thoughts, with seemingly incidental moments deserving reexamination as the songs fold over.

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In a way, Hardball feels like the era-defining anthem, despite being hot off the press. As it progresses, it reflects a growing process, segueing from apprehension to youthful pissed-offness, to requited love, to the realization of still knowing so little despite the journey. The EP is unassuming, presenting fun, rowdy flashbacks laced with countless highlights. Reid’s mature-ish lyrical approach is relatable, and sure to connect with those who faded into adulthood embracing snotty preachings. The aura is spontaneous, with a hold-on-guys-I-just-gotta-do-this quality; plus it speaks to listeners.

Check out the music video for Whiskey for the Devil: