Pre-Production for the controversial Spike Lee film “Chiraq” is underway in Chicago. The cast gathered at the very first table read for the upcoming film.  Most of the cast has already been confirmed: Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack,Wesley Snipes, Jeremy PivenCommon, Nick Cannon and Jennifer Hudson.

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“Chiraq” is described as a drama centered on the growing violence in Chicago. According to IMDB the film is categorized as a comedy, drama, and musical.



LaLa Anthony is also rumored to be joining the cast, and was seen out and about in Chicago with Derrick Rose’s baby’s mother Mieka Reese recently.



Billboard magazine recently interviewed Terence Blanchard, the man responsible for much of the music in Spike Lee’s movies. He revealed that Chicago native Kanye West may produce some music for the upcoming film, to be released some time in 2016:

I know you’ve done the scores for many of Spike Lee’s movies — has he asked you to get involved in Chiraq, his upcoming musical about gang violence on Chicago?

Yes, I’m going to write the score. He’s just starting to shoot right now, so there hasn’t been anything to look at just yet.

Have you heard anything about Kanye being involved in the score? 

Yeah, I think he’s going to produce a few things, some songs. That’s something me and Spike still have to talk about. Common‘s in it too, so I don’t know if he’s going to do any songs.

-Victoria B. (@unbashedlytori)