It’s official, the Chicago Bulls have nabbed their new coach

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So it’s official, “Post-Thibs” has officially began. Yesterday in a press conference at the Advocate Center, the Chicago Bulls finally introduced their new coach Fred Hoiberg. After months of speculation, the Iowa State helmsman takes over a new ship in Chicago and from his press conference he seems confident. In his first press conference as the new head coach for the Chicago Bulls he stated:

 “I’m a firm believer that leadership starts at the top,” Hoiberg said at an Advocate Center news conference. “You have to have synergy with the coaching staff and the front office or it’s going to be tough to make it work. Players can see through that sometimes.”

When asked about his roster he stated:


“You don’t always walk into a roster that has championship potential, that absolutely can compete at that level,” Hoiberg said. “I absolutely love this roster.”

Also during the press conference, he credited his new team’s versatility and championship potential to the teachings of past head coach Tom Thibodeau stating:

“I love the versatility of the players, the different lineups we’re going to be able to play,” said Hoiberg, who plans to start reaching out to players immediately. “We can play small, play big. You’ve got lineups that can get out and play with pace. You’ve got a great group of veteran players that know how to play.”

“Tom Thibodeau is an excellent basketball coach, and he instilled a lot of unbelievable qualities in this team that hopefully I can build on.”

Hoiberg makes his comeback into the NBA after playing 10 years in the league as a member of the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Indiana Pacers. After his stints as a player, he became the assistant GM for the T-Wolves, so that explains his itch to get back into the league. With the style of play he brought to Iowa State it will suit the versatility and running style of the Bulls roster. Not to mention, if his success in turning around a program is any indication of how well he’ll do as a coach, the Chicago Bulls may have solved the puzzle to their early playoff exits.

Now that the Bulls, Orlando Magic and New Orleans Pelicans hfound their new Head Coaches, where will Thibs go?? Speculate with Drew on Twitter @AndrewSomuah