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As we are in championship phase of what appears to be a outstanding postseason the world hasn’t seen in a while, let’s take time and appreciate the route these athletes took to get to the position they’re at now. As we all know LeBron was a walking ambassador to the game since his rookie year at Cleveland. Even tho he faced major scrutiny for leaving Cleveland to purse a championship in Miami, the icon known as King James was able to bounce back as America’s sweetheart with his latest journey of attempting to capture a title for his hometown squad. Meanwhile, there’s the reigning MVP in Stephen Curry who back in 2009, many did not see as a superstar at all. Through the hard work of developing a sick handle and deadly consistent three point shooting technique, Curry rise to stardom can be looked at as the prototype for all young hoopers to look at for inspiration for become the next league sensation. But there’s one more thing that’s not getting the credit that it deserves and it’s the “it” factor these superstars possess. The “it” factor for in which the critics of the media, background story and criticism are heavy influence to what help them breakthrough as top tier athletes. For LeBron, it’s maturity, finding the necessary leadership skills for in which he had no choice but to leave Cleveland for Miami to win a championship while be mentored by Pat Riley to develop these tangibles needed to become legendary. For Steph, it was the process of being overlooked, facing the noise of becoming too small to be a NBA superstar and dealing with the pressure of becoming a better shooter than his father Dell Curry. Curry was able to display this factor all in one season in which it was necessary he was awarded MVP. Wale said it best on the track New Soul…”so while the world goes Drake crazy I’m Danny Granger, I’m just workin’ with a different pacer/Speed up, patience, please cause, Slow and steady wins this race“. All eyes will be on these two basketball prodigies for in which the superstar is running a race to surpass the great one to be the newest and undisputed greatest of all time. While the other is just warming up and ready to add more moments to his young but already legendary legacy amongst NBA greats.


Omari White

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