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Gentlemen prepare to bring your knees closer while you are riding on the subway through the streets of New York City


New York City is targeting a new offense on the subway, the new law has been instilled to keep passengers safe and comfortable during their ride.  “Manspreading” is now a violation, what is this horrid Manspreading you ask simply put, men can no longer keep their legs spread past your shoulders while sitting on the subway.  Doing so causes men to take up two seats and is said to make other passengers uncomfortable.

This is not a joke, as silly as it sounds.  In the most recent account two Latino men were arrested on late May 22, at 12:11AM.  The report said the men were sitting with their knees wide open taking up two seats.

A PROP group is observing this Manspreading situation, and what they have revealed is that out of the 850 defendants observed 94% were people of color.

This campaign began in January of this year with the catch phrase “Mind The Gap.”  This law has been put into affect for one reason and one reason only to meet quotas.  Please watch the video and open your mind.