One of the fashion industry’s newest brands has recently extended its range of plus sizes.

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This brand already displays body diversity through its model, which consist of bloggers and customers of all different shapes and sizes. One famous customer who frequents Eloquii is the hilarious and beautiful Melissa McCarthy. The brand’s customer base and employees suggested including larger sizes to the plus size range and Eloquii did just that. Eloquii now offers sizes 26 and 28, making it one of the few fashionable brands to take this step. CEO Mariah Chase has said, “We’re rolling sizes 26 and 28 out as we introduce new styles, so there will be a natural turnover as older styles sell out.  It’s not flip a switch and all styles are available in 26 and 28.”  Although only 42 items offer the extended plus range, with each turnover and passing month the availability of size 26 and 28 increases.



-Nishat Baig