When it comes down to the relationship between parents and their children, the number one rule is that they are the parent and you abide by their rules. One Georgia mother went extremes to teach her son to follow her rules, but it lead to her getting arrested, and her other children being taken away from her.

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34 year old Antonia Antoinette Folsom decided to take matters into her own hands when her 13 year old son had missed curfew. According to Madame Noire, the teen had missed his mother’s curfew and came home a little later than he should have on May 27th. Folsom locked all her doors and windows so her son could not get into the home. When the teen returned home, Folsom told him that he was not allowed into the home because he had missed curfew and he “had to find somewhere else to go.”

Folsom’s oldest son gave his brother a pillow and blanket so the teen could sleep on the family’s concrete patio in the backyard. Georgia deputies arrived at the home the next day and were informed about the incident by Folsom’s oldest son. When Folsom returned home from work, she told deputies that she had not seen her son and that he was informed to be home by 11PM Monday night but he ignored her orders. The single mother was arrested and charged with Deprivation of a Minor and her three children were taken into custody and given to her mother.


A Go Fund Me Page has been set up to help with Folsom’s legal fees and mothers in the Augusta, Georgia area have banded together to support Folsom in her decision to lock her son out of the house. According to reports, the teen is a runaway who gets in trouble at school. Folsom’s sister Gena Archer says that Folsom has gone to the police for help with her son but was told there was nothing they could do.

Should this mother be arrested for teaching her son a lesson?

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

photo credit: Madam Noire