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Watch as Niqle Nut delivers an anthem for the hustlers in “No Time.”

Niqle Nut’s story is one of overcoming adversity, beating the odds, and turning hardship into success. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Niqle was infatuated with the Hip Hop culture from an early age. At the age of eleven, Niqle moved to Inglewood, California and quickly assimilated into his surroundings by adopting the gangster lifestyle. After a near brush with death that left him confined to a wheelchair for two years, Niqle re-evaluated his life and found his calling in music. Now, after already appearing on projects such as the Mick’s Tape and Mint Room compilations, Niqle Nut has officially signed a deal with Treacherous C.O.B. (formerly known as Treacherous Records / C.O.B.). This up-and-coming rapper has quite a story to share, and delivers it to the world via his upcoming debut album, Imperial.