Source Magazine illustrator Andre Leroy Davis has his opening reception in Harlem to his own one man show

One of the favorite parts of The Source Magazine for many of our readers is “The Last Word”. The artist behind the images, Andre Leroy Davis, will be curating an art show which will showcase some of Mr. Davis’ most creative and controversial pieces. As a matter of fact, who can explain it better than him.

This is André LeRoy Davis and I’m in the midst of curating and putting together my One Man Art Show: 50 Shades of Dré. The show is set to open on Friday, June 26th, but I need funds so that I can guarantee the display and hanging of 50 pieces of artwork. If you bought The Source Magazine back in the day and the very first thing you did was to turn to the last page in the magazine and check out the newest illustration for the month, then I need your continued support…
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Please take the time and visit and check out my campaign.
Thank you,

André LeRoy Davis