Sean continues to be inspired by his grandmother’s concept that “one man can change the world”

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Big Sean continues to be inspired by the life his grandmother lived and has been applying her concept of “one man can change the world” to his own life. Grounded by the roots planted in him, Sean is continuing her legacy by his commitment of service to the community he grew up in and the school he attended in Detroit.

Sean has partnered up with Adidas to collaborate on more than just sneakers. Through his Sean Anderson Foundation and in partnership with Adidas, Sean donated a 784 square ft. recording studio to his former school, Cass Technical.


“I can’t believe I used to rap at the lunch tables, slang my CD’s in the hallway and fast forward 10 years later I’m opening up my own recording studio at my old high school. This brings me tears of joy.”

Sean created a social media campaign to engage his fans to understand that they too can change the world by leading by example and being of service to their community. They have been doing this through random acts of kindness and being involved in issues that matter. Sean hopes that “his fans will look to themselves to not only believe in their dreams but to lead by example, inspire and give back – just like Mrs. Leonard did.”

Abesi Manyando(@abesipr)