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When reporters set out to interview people, they often prepare for the worse. Still, we’re not sure a reporter expected a woman to do this while attempting to get a statement.

Australian reporter Alex Bernhardt set out to interview a character witness for a murder trial, and in the above video clip, Bernhardt attempts to get a statement from the key witness when said witness turns around and puts her cigarette out to the tune of, “get out of my way.” To make matters worse, the witness continues to smoke her cigarette while pushing a baby carriage, while her companion comes up and barks to the microphone.

As the witness attempts to flee reporters again, she takes a drag from her cigarette and blows it in another reporters face and says, “thanks.” Police have charged the woman with public nuisance.


Fellow reporters, stand clear of crazy people when setting out to interview people.

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

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