Sir Elton John lost his cool Sunday when concertgoers were barred from moving for a closer view

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Sunday at a performance in Kingsholm Rugby Stadium in Gloucester, England, Elton John was sent over the edge when concert staff began blocking patrons from moving closer in to see him.  As with everything nowadays, concertgoers had phone cameras at the ready, and caught quite the outburst on tape.


“I came here to play music, now all you stewards down there, especially the woman in the ponytail, f****** lighten up, will you?” Elton said, continuing, “You put a uniform on and you think you’re Hitler – well you’re not.”

The audience cheered his attempts for wanting them to be able to get a better view.

While not the worst kind of disparaging language someone could drum up, he later apologized during the performance.  “It’s not good enough to say that”, Elton said, “Whoever told the stewards to be that strict, that’s their fault and not hers, and I apologize and I will be willing to apologize to her face.”

He then brought the usher on the stage, hugged her, had her sit with him at the piano, and told her, “No-one should ever talk to a lady like that. I’m very, very apologetic.”

A concertgoer being interviewed by the BBC explained what had happened, saying, “This [concert] was seated, there were disabled people who were sat on our aisle who couldn’t see, obviously they couldn’t stand up to see the stage.  There were people fighting to get a view of what they were trying to look at and, for some reason, the stewards brought out barriers to try and stop people, but that made them worse because they congregated by the barrier.


-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)