She IS Ryan…and Shesryan HAS officially arrived! With a hard-hitting, seductively edgy ode to the most understood universal language of money, Shesryan leads in with her new single On My Mind. Stemming from a debut 4 track EP entitled SIR“On My Mind” describes the symbolic nature of the dollar sign and its correlation with the daily life of an extremely focused and talented songstress bearing the far from concrete, most times abstract streets of New York. Spearheading an enticing aggression, Shesryan provides catchy and relatable lyrics that not only promotes the referred to “grind” but wraps it all up in a sexy, most enjoyable feeling of control. The epitome of the phrase “work hard/play hard”Shesryan unlocks just about anyones potential in getting “it”.
“On My Mind” is produced by New York City’s super versatile hit-maker,  Fameschool Slim and co-written by none other than The Creator himself, the witty Rapper/MC Fameschool Telli, along with DJ/Producer/MC, MeLo-X