Shot & edited by Fabian Pacheco (@5thmindset)

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At what point on the cultural map does fashion and style intersect? At what point do trends become intrinsic?  Recently, The Source had a chance sit down with street-wear dynasty Rocawear to discuss its fresh imprint, Rocawear BLAK, and the message sewn into it its fabric.

Taking a step away from the fad of overly stylized super logos and prints, BLAK maintains a stance of lifestyle quality articulated by innovative creativity. Partnering eloquent designs with lux materials, Rocawear BLAK has stumbled upon a formula that instils gusto into its wearer, giving the brand a series of weapons to fit into its repertoire. Inspired by Hip-Hop, and influenced by a blend of several cultures, Rocawear BLAK may be the very next step in the evolution of cool.


When asked about their tag line “BLAK is the new black,” Senior Director of Interactive Aleesha Smalls had this to say: “It’s about what’s going on now, it’s about what’s new, and shaking up the world and incorporating that into the present.  It’s not BLAK meaning people, but BLAK meaning a standard of quality that pushes both fashion and culture forward.”

Rocawear BLAK aims to provide the product tools essential to celebrating personal style, recognizing that the consumers are incorporating fashion to curate themselves like breathing works of art.  Check the video above to get a feel of what we’re talking about.

-Def Soul (@defsoulnj)