A Florida teen…um…literally beat his father with a bag of burgers from McDonald’s

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According to Off the Beat, 19-year old Tanner Wolf was arrested May 24th on a misdemeanor assault charge after attacking his father. The teen’s father told investigator’s of Indian River County that his son was causing problems and using marijuana.

The father, who has yet to be identified, says that he asked his son to take his feet off of the kitchen counter and that’s when the teen got upset and began cursing at his father. After the verbal attack, Wolf threw a bag of burgers from McDonald’s at his father. After throwing the bag of burgers at his father, the teen then attacked his father again, screamed and put his fingers in his father’s face while he was attempting to leave the residence.



Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

photo credit: Bossip.com